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My name is Juan Soto and I am from the Dominican Republic (DR). I majored in Modern Languages with an emphasis in the English language at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) [Autonomous University of Santo Domingo] in the DR, in 1992. In 2001, I was granted a Fulbright scholarship to go to the USA for six weeks and learn about American Studies at Western Michigan University (WMU). Then in 2004, I was granted a second Fulbright scholarship to get my Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate at Ohio University (OU). I graduated from this program in 2006. But before going to OU I spent five weeks at the University of Pennsyvania (Upenn) in a pre-academic course in june 2004. I am currently a third year doctoral (Ph D) candidate in Instructional Technology at the College of Education at OU. I expect to graduate in June 2011.

As far as teaching and using technology is concern, I used technology in my classes from time to time to teach English as a Foreign Language for about five years at UASD. However, it was at OU where I have been using technology to teach Englsh and learn more often. I have been teaching for OU for almost three yeasr. At this same university, I have tutored English pronunciation using different pronunciation software, techniques and online resources. I enjoy teaching with and learning using technology. I think it is fun, exciting, and engaging for students and teachers, too!

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