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How to Attach a File


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Let's learn a new and important technical skill. Email attaching.

Sometimes teachers might request that you to send them a writing via email as an attachment. Follow the steps below to learn how to send a file attached to your email (Let's use Yahoo! as an example). Click on the:

  1. Compose button.
  2. Attach Files button
  3. Browse button (to find the file you want to attach)
  4. Attach Files button again
  5. Continue to Message button

Important: Do not forget to type in the email address of the person(s) you want to send the attached file. Also, type in a brief description on the subject box. Finally, type the message of your email in the text box and click on send.

Click here to view a tutorial on how to attach a file using a Yahoo email account. This same basic procedure applies to most email accounts (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).

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