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We help you enhance your English language skills here!

This educational website is intended for non-English speaking undergraduate students like you who live either in the United States or in any non-English speaking country. We aim to help young adults with an intermediate-advanced level knowledge of English whose needs are to better their English language skills so that they can soon pursue either academic goals or be enrolled in a job that requires English skills.

On this website, you have the opportunity to enhance your language skills through a variety of activities. These activities include listening comprehension exercises, voice recordings, readings, grammar exercises and written practices. All of them are just a click away.

Enjoy exploring this website and learn as much as you can!

Note to users:

  1. Users may need a high speed connection to use parts of this website such as video clips and audio files.
  3. For certain activities, speakers and a microphone may be necessary; however, a two-eared headset with microphone is strongly recommended.

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