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Below you will find definitions of some important parts of speech concepts.

Noun: A person, place, thing, quality or action. For example, John, Manhattan, computer, happiness, running.

Adjective: Limits, qualifies or specifies a noun. For example, fast, blue, awesome.

Verb: Express existence, action, or occurrence. For example, live, type, rain.

Adverb: Modifies anything, but a noun. It can describe how (manner), when (time), where (place). For example, quickly, yesterday, here.

Determiner: A noun modifier that expresses the reference of a noun. There are five types:
  • Article: A, An, The.
  • Quantifier: Many, Some, Few, etc.
  • Demonstrative: This, That, These, Those.
  • Pronominal (Possessive): My, Your, His, Her, Its, Our, etc.
  • Cardinal Number: One, Twenty, Five Hundred, etc.
  • Preposition: Indicates a relationship. For example, by, in, above, on, around, at, from, with, etc.

    Pronouns: Take the place of nouns. For example, I, You, He, She, It, We, They.

    Conjunctions: These are words used to link words, phrases, clauses and sentences. For example, and, but, or, however, because, etc.

    Auxiliaries: These help to form the tense, mood, and/or aspect of the main verb. There are two types:
  • Modals: Will, Would, Can, Could, Shall, Sould, May, Might, Must
  • Have, Be, and Be
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